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MP 881: The Week In IndyCar, July 15, with Cara Adams

July 15, 2020

Cara Adams, Firestone's director of racing tire engineering and production, makes her return to The Week In IndyCar and answers questions submitted by NTT IndyCar Series fans via social media.

Episode Time Stamps For Select Topics:

  1. Coping with tire production during the pandemic shutdown (starts at 1m55s)
  2. Process of preparing tires for a doubleheader weekend (4m51s)
  3. Creating Indy 500 tires that will cope with August heat (8m07s)
  4. Her work to introduce more young girls and women to racing through STEM (10m16s)
  5. What makes a new tire faster than a used tire? (15m54s)
  6. How did the new aeroscreen change Firestone's tire engineering plans? (18m59s)
  7. Dealing with traction compound and other brand's rubber on the racing surface (25m13s)
  8. What super power would she choose to help with her job? (31m14s)


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